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I took a little side trip of my own today. Sometimes if the weather’s nice and the tank is full, I’ll follow the GPS instead of the map. Usually the route is direct; unfortunately it’s not always paved. Here I’m waiting for my turn to cross a river without a bridge.

It’s been a year since “Wax” was published and I hit the road in my tin can camper. Posts about the book tour are archived here, and at If you like women’s fiction and history, please visit that site too.

I hope we cross paths some day.





About Author

Therese Ambrosi Smith became fascinated by a remarkable collection of WWII oral histories at the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historic Park, and her debut novel, Wax, was born. Her short fiction has incorporated personal tales of work and travel: climbing mountains, surveying logging roads, designing parks and playgrounds, tending bar and selling fish. She completed the UCLA Writers' Program in June 2009, and is currently embarking on a "tin can camper book tour."