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The new business

It’s hard to pass up a good deal.  On May 18th – exactly 40 days ago – I discovered a greenhouse for lease for 14 cents/square foot, with retail space at the front of the house offered at 23 cents.  A long-time friend (I won’t call him old) with a dream of becoming a nurseryman was ready to jump in, but he’d committed to some large scale projects through the summer.  I came on as partner – for two years – to help get the business up and running.  No, I’ve never worked in a nursery.  The way I see it: no one comes out of the womb knowing much – except maybe Mozart.  We’ll figure it out.  We’re going to raise and sell succulents.

I’m keeping progress photos.

The nursery was abandoned more than a decade ago, when cut rose growing moved to Central America, so there’s work to do.The goats are important members of the team.

goats at workpost goatsweed block down!





Stay tuned.  We plan to open on September 5th.

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